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Apps that get results

Solving the world’s problems through technology.



Our award-winning design team have worked with some of Australia’s biggest organisations and are here to create a user-focused and intuitive design for your App.





Technology might not be your forte which is why our in-house technology team are on-hand to demystify your technical challenges and choose the right solution for your project. 

We are the premier web development studio in Australia.


Launch & Scale

Your app or website journey doesn’t stop at launch. Our experts can support your digital journey long after launch to power you and your projects to even greater success.

Lets Talk

We would ❤️ to hear about your project . 

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Big names, no limits!

We work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

We're all about your App!

Technova is more than Australia’s premier development studio, we are a trusted company that prides itself in our skills and knowledge around Technology and Development.


We at Technova see your idea’s and your projects as your children.

Of course, you want the following for them:

  • Be the best they can be (Fast, Smart, Adaptable and logically Sound).
  • To have the best of everything (Hosting, Security, Style and Design).
  • To be able to provide for themselves (Marketing, Payment Systems and Reliability).

Of course, to have these things you would try to find the best people and equipment to teach them right?


So make Technova your choice, where true development professionals produce only the best.

We design and distribute apps on the most important major platforms.

Your team from idea to growth





What makes us right for you.

With over 15 years in the mobile ecosystem, we have been there from the start.  We have an unmatched track record of getting projects completed on time and on budget. We live and breath apps and have done so since the launch of the App Store. Here are a few reasons why we are the correct people for the your project.

A results-driven agency

15+ years in the industry

Build quality

We know what makes users hooked, we focus on human psychology in all of our app designs for higher conversion, engagement and habit forming.

Free Consultation

Get a free, no obligation, personalised consultation with one of our experts about your project.